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The time garden — October 6, 2015

The time garden

imageI got this today and I already love it… I love how much there is to color and how cute the story line is. Even my husband likes it! I am looking forward to getting this all colored and reading it to my grandsons.

I received this this book from blogging for books for review.

Life as I know it — October 1, 2015

Life as I know it

Life is never short of a wild rollercoaster for me. It always has been and probably always will be. I guess I would be bored if it wasn’t cause I’m so used to the ride. So many ups and so much more downs. Just when I think things are going smoothly…. BAM! The ride drops and loops and turns and flips me upside down.

I guess it’s better than waiting in line watching everyone else on the ride… But some days I just want to stand in line and watch.

Dear Me, Life sucks and it’s gonna get worse. But after that… —

Dear Me, Life sucks and it’s gonna get worse. But after that…

Jess Combs

Dear Jess,

So you don’t know me (yet), but you will.

First off, before you read this….  SPOILERS!  (One day, you’re gonna find that funny and pity anyone Who doesn’t get it.)

Right now you’re 18, pregnant, and scared out of your mind (and too proud to admit you have no idea what you’re doing and just how scared you are).   Things with the father of the child you’re growing are bad…  and they’re only going to get worse.  For the first time in your life, all you want is your mother (you’re too proud to admit that too).

You’re about to do something that, a week ago, you would have punched anyone who suggested it… you’re going to ask your mother to take you in.  You have it in your head that you’ll move back in and put everything in the past behind you.  You’ll finally bond and she’ll be…

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