Ok I’m not going to pretend I never drank, cause that would be a lie. What I will say is that now that I don’t, I’ve realized how damaging it is to not only the drinker but the relationships around the drinker. 

They say the truth comes out when someone’s drunk and I believe that. I’ve seen it and done it. I feel my marriage is damaged partially from it. I don’t see that damage ever being reversed cause it’s happened too many times to count. 

Tonight(this morning) was the topper on the alcohol cake. It’s almost 2am and there’s arguing outside. I am usually awake at this time so I was taking my dog out to use the restroom before we go to sleep. I heard arguing. I knew what was going on before I even heard the drama-filled story. Rude jerk neighbors (rjn) had a party and invited my (soon to be) ex-husband. They have been drama in the past and tonight was no exception. Apparently some words were said that were fightin’ words. EH and his drunk crew were gonna fight. Thankfully that didn’t happen and no one was hurt. However that worked up EH to a “I’m around my friends so I can be an asshole ” attitude. He disrespected me in front of his friends – badly. Now, on a normal occasion (when we were together) I would just suck it up and cry. Not tonight my friend- n.o.t. T.o.n.i.g.h.t. I gave him a very clear piece of my mind right in front of his drunk crew. Of course, as usual, drunk crew friend “k” tried to talk me into a calm state. Nope. Sorry. Not tonight. 

This lady is tired of being disrespected. She’s also tired of being mistreated and dealing with drunks. 

He comes into my room to attempt to apologize and tell me I didn’t hear what I heard… Mmmkay… Yea, NOT tonight! 

And this was reason 543178 why I must move on from this pieceofshit… I mean relationship.